We provide services in many areas, especially Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, with our hundreds of services for your social media accounts. Become a member now and increase your power on social media and all online channels. Access many services such as followers, likes, views, comments from a single panel.

Takipera is a panel where you can buy the most reliable automated social media and online services. It has a structure where you can get followers, likes, views and more without sharing your password for any social media account.

What makes us different?

With all our digital services we aim to help our customers become popular online.

High quality

The services you receive are carefully prepared by experts in the field.

Secure checkout

You can safely deposit funds into your account and purchase digital services.

Fantastic services

We bring you together with digital services that you have never seen before.

Automated system

You can monitor the status of your orders 24/7 from your account at any time.

How can I buy digital services?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to manage your orders.


1. Create an account

 Click here to create a follower account and then start by logging in.


2. Add funds

Next, choose a payment method and deposit funds into your account to use for service purchases.


3. Choose a service

Select the digital service from the "New order" step and enter the required information.


4. Enjoy incredible results

We will notify you when your order is ready, then you can enjoy great results.

Case studies

Find out how you can take advantage of our digital services by taking a look at some customer reviews.


"Takipera produces fantastic results while increasing the audience and interaction on your social media accounts! We get very fast and effective results with a small part of the budget we spend on advertising, without spending too much money."


"It is obvious that we, as traditional agencies, cannot find extra time to further expand the communication activities of our customers in digital media. At this point, follower provides a lot of support to us in increasing our digital assets."


“If you are looking for a way to make your digital accounts and your online visibility outstanding, Followera provides this opportunity quickly and easily.

And best of all, everything is super cheap, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get the results you want."


"I like Takipera, where I get fast and trouble-free service for many social media.

We increased our social media accounts and the visibility of our company on the internet as quickly as possible. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Takipera.com.

Tachera is a fully automatic panel that provides digital media services. If you are actively using social media and you think your interaction is low, follower is for you. It serves you with affordable prices and a wide variety of services. We offer reliable payment option and postpaid service.

There is only one balance loading method on Takipera. With the BRSA licensed secure payment PayTR infrastructure integrated into the system, you can automatically load your balance 24/7. You have two different options with PayTR. The first is to load automatically with a credit card, and the second is to load by wire transfer. If you want to pay via PayTR by wire transfer method, you need to make a transfer notification after sending the transfer to PayTR accounts. This won't take long. PayTR method is a much faster and easier method, your balance uploads are automatically approved and you can start shopping immediately.

Payments you make with PayTR are protected by the 3D Secure system and encrypted. For every transaction you make with a credit card, an SMS is sent to you by your bank and an SMS confirmation is received. KuruMedya 3D Secure System will never contain or keep any of your card information or personal information. You can pay securely. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

It is a procedure that enables communication between programs known as the Application Programming Interface. With the help of our API documentation on our site, you can connect our API to your website and sell. For this, you need to have basic programming knowledge. If you are a panel owner, you can connect our API to your system by contacting your IT department. We do not provide technical support for API connections.

After logging in, you can instantly see information about the service you have purchased by clicking on the order history section. If you have purchased a social media service, you can even automatically see how much of the service has been completed.







3D Secure Checkout & 24/7 Secure Payment Opportunity

3D Secure Payment is a security system developed to increase the security of shopping transactions made with credit and debit cards over the internet.

With the "secure internet shopping" solutions developed by Visa and MasterCard, both cardholders and member merchants are secured against fraud.

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